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Andrew the Crossing Armadillo’s Corner


Hi There!

I’m Andrew the Crossing Armadillo. I’m not very tall and it’s hard for people to see me.

I hear there are a lot of kids trying to walk to school who have the same problem.

It can be pretty scary out on our streets when grown-ups drive around fast and don’t see little people.

Cars speed in areas where there are no sidewalks, where there are blind turns and where we don’t have any elements guiding traffic such as lights, stop signs, speed bumps, speed humps or crosswalks.

This is dangerous for kids and armadillos.

The good news is we can do something about it!

I have been talking with the county to find out how to actually get some safety measures on our streets. It turns out there are resources we might qualify for but first we need to give the county a strong, clear case for change and the exact information they need to get these safety resources into our community.

Just focusing on one or two problem areas is not very effective. No one has yet taken a community-wide approach and I think that’s why not much has been done. So I’ve been talking with lots of people and organizing the traffic safety concerns and incidents they report, now, because every day matters.

I’d like to talk to you!

Use My Traffic Corner to tell us about:

  • Any specific concerns other than collisions.
  • Collisions (even parked cars. Remember: You should also report this information to the Kensington police, but that does not automatically get it to the county offices that can create change.)
  • Your contact information and address so that I can talk to you.

Andrew the Crossing Armadillo says: Drive like your kids live here!

Disclaimer: Andrew the Crossing Armadillo and his corner are a community improvement effort of the McKenzie & Modavi for KPPCSD, 2018 campaign, with no alignment to the KPPCSD or KPD.

Andrew’s Foraging

  • Who to ask for what:

Requesting police presence to act as that good ol’ Black-and-White speeding deterrent? —

Our local Kensington Police Department online request form

Radar Speed Signs? Traffic Cameras? —

Our KPPCSD board

Red paint curves, cross walk painting, No-parking signs, stop signs, speed bump/humps, rumble strips? —

Contra Costa County, though this is where banding together as a group is important.

Contacting the Chief of Police or officers? —

Administration at the Kensington Public Safety Building (217 Arlington Ave) or at (510)-526-4141

  • Interesting Reads:

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