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External Web Links

Disclaimer: These external links are not endorsements of the organizations nor do they ensure the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of the information

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District Websites

KPPCSD Documents of Interest


  • FY18-19 Budget Document
    Note: See pg. 19 for Community Center Project, the ~350,000 dollar deficit. These numbers do not include likely increases in cost during the bidding process


  • Matrix Phase 1 (draft) — found on Matrix Police Services Analysis of KPPCSD website
    Note: Current reported response time delay is a result of Albany dispatch issues, not our officers once they get the call. Also consider our response times on the older Richmond dispatch service (as found in the LAFCO 2011 MSR report).
    Note: The discussion on proactive time only considers “recorded self-initiated” activities and not a full accounting of how they are serving the community when not responding to calls.


  • Matrix Phase 2 (draft) — found on Matrix Police Services Analysis of KPPCSD website
    Note: The 1 million dollar figure reported for keeping our police is misleading, as a large fraction is related to increasing our officer’s salaries by 25% — the Matrix consultant even admitted that the district would likely not do  (see the 10/4 meeting for Matrix’s full presentation, powerpoint <here>).
    Note: Furthermore, their analysis does not account for the rising costs of future contracts